The Business of Software

Many years ago I decided to write my own “mutimedia website software” (GiantIsland LLC) from scratch and sell it online. For the past decade I have been selling various suites of my unique photo and video management software: ImageIsland(c), AudioIsland(c), VideoIsland(c), and MediaIsland(c). I am quite proud of the software design with its modular architecture, customizeable CSS themes, and self-installing architecture using a unique XML relational database I wrote for it. It has become quite popular with many units sold over the years.

How many of us need a way to easily and privately manage via a web browser thousands of family photos and videos WITHOUT using Google, Facebook, or some third-party server (which use your content to sell advertising)? The “Island” software I wrote for that very reason! It helps you manage your multimedia online via the browser from your own web server or host account. It is “drag-and-drop” literally, with its unique XML Database and modules completed “self-installing” on upload to the server. I have enjoyed drawing some income from my coding concepts and unique interface designs. My “Island” software has shown me how to connect my creativity and technology/programing knowledge to my happy customers! As such I have learned a lot about the business of IT.

Below are shown various screenshots of the interfaces used in the various versions of the web app:

UPDATE: I am offering “live access” to the web demo’s of my Island software upon request only at this time. My software was written in ASP/VBScript but is currently offline, as I am in the process of converting it to the .NET framework and C# language.